Once upon a time there was a hospital surrounded by mountains.
As a rumor, there was a room with a mysterious bed that can cure any strange 
or incurable disease.
However, it was unclear which room was the one, and  none of the patients knew the truth.

I had always felt that hope was alien to me as the sun in Georges Rouault's "Still the sun rises".
Isn't it like flowers that it's colors can be seen clearly in the dark?

When I face myself, I want to scream.
I close my eyes and live with it.
"Oh, why am I here?"

You always stood in front of me like a queen or mother.
I have come so far that I can no longer touch you, but I have no regrets.
Goodbye with gratitude and......
Sally is a good girl.
Sally is a nice girl.
She is the doctor's favorite.
Sally is a follower.
Sally is.....
Lucas was always looking around the world with binoculars.
So there were times when I was maligned behind my back as an "Old peeping Tom"
He slid his glasses onto his head where a few stands of hair remained,
and wandered down the hall way, looking through his binoculars.
My brother in low seems to be completely different person.
His eyes don't seem to catch anything.
His mother is sloopy.
My sister is now in the hospital, moving around like caregiver for her husband's family.
But she also used to have someone she really liked.
Like an orange cake from the loving one.
The warm memories remain unspoken,
vaguely veiled and tucked away in the minds of my sister and me.
It's very warm today, and light coming in thorough the window blends nicely in the room.
Being calm feels also quite good.
Patients are relaxing in the warmth of the room, very quietly.
I'm here!
I'm here!
I'm here!
What is on you now?
Is it clear?
At the end, what is left with you?
Are you going to leave?
or stay?

If there is a room and there that can cure any kind of strange or incurable disease.
Would you go there?
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