An intro to Private girls

Special announcement
We will start whenever you are ready
Fine day
Let's dance
Sing sing sing!


Suddenly red girl began crying. We don't know why...
The sea
The sea /We talked about the past and the future.
The end of the sea.

Red girl sang `Take me back to your...♪’
「We should go back...」
 Meet at a cafe.
「This is a nightmare...?」
Anna said 「Don't mind her,It's all right」
Music is here....
The boy came with the rain and his puppy.
「We are soaking wet...」
But it was very beautiful sunset....
「Yeah,Yeah,Yeah,Dress up for the violet's show」
「How do i look?」
「Come on!」
Violet's show!
「Let‘s go home...」
Bath time
Good night Private girls...
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